Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Life goes on !!!

Hi everyone,
Yes, Life goes on. As we all know the days of our lives, (soap opera!!!!) LOL are not smooth and do not always go the way we want them too. I have finished the two new houses and I realize that The Petite Maison "needs" something. I searched my mind and finally decided that 1/4" scale furniture is hard to come by.  I need to make some furniture for it. Well, I started and Wow!!! is it tiny. My big hands are trying to cut out these little pieces. So, back to the drawing board and simplifying these tiny pieces. I think I have it!!!! I am starting to cut them out now. They will be made of poster board and card stock.
Now back to LIFE. Since I had cancer my life has been bumpy, very bumpy. Health crisis after crisis. I am left with one lung. (Don't misunderstand, I know I am not unique. Many others are in much worse circumstances.)  This is just my story.  I was in a relationship for almost four years. We got along great and had a great mind connection going. The problem. I was always sick. One lung left. Can't breath. Need oxygen every time I exert myself. How pathetic I am. Sorry, a little bit of self pity there. LOL
Well, he just couldn't take it anymore. Can I really blame him?
Now I am back living with my son and daughter-in -law. They are great to me but I am down and I work on my houses to keep sane and try to make a bit of money. This is what keeps me going.
What keeps you going? I would love to hear.


  1. Hello Babbara,
    Yes 'life does indeed go on' as I can testify to that fact. As much as I didn't want it to life continue, it does. My husband was killed when a tractor over turned on him in Feburart of this year. It was just 10 days before our 51 anniversery. Of course, my family was devistated and I wanted to go with him. I could not live in our house any longer, the memories would have drowned me. My son's children are grown now and he was alone so he asked me to move in with him. One of my son's and my youngest daughter make their homes on our farm so I moved back there. They are helping me make a new home and I appreciate everything they do to make it a home for me. My oldest daughter now has the home I did live in and has changed it a lot so I no longer feel so overwhelmed when I visit.

    1. Hi Christina, I am so sorry about your husband. I too lost my second husband in a different way. After twenty years he became mentally ill and I had to sell my home and give up everything and move in with my son. Allot of my things were divided between my children and it is so sad when I see them and they are not mine anymore. The rest of my things were given away or sold.
      I feel very sad for you. It must be very hard. I wish I could have my own home again but I don't think that it is possible.
      Your friend Barbara