Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Rainy Day. The Miss Mouse Story cont.

 Today has been a rainy, gloomy day. I have been working on Quarter scale furniture all day and have accomplished, "not Much" Oh well, I did make a tiny rolling table for the kitchen. It looks pretty good.

 As she sat on a twig with a leaf over  her head trying to keep the rain from soaking her. She heard a strange noise. Ker-plump, ker-plump, thump, thump. Miss Mouse turned her head so her ear was turned to the sound but she couldn't figure out what the sound was coming from. The sound stopped for a moment then continued. Ker-plump, thump. What could it be. It was pouring rain. The rain made a hissing sound as it hit the ground and the leaves. Her leaf was soaked and no longer protecting her so she looked for another leaf, preferably a dry one. She found one under a
large fallen branch and placed it over her head. It helped a bit but she was quite wet. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a bit of shiny green, an almost glowing green color. Then the thing that was colored the glowing green moved into view. A frog. It was Mr. Frog, her old friend. Howdy Miss Mouse, he said. I saw smoke from over yonder and wondered what it was. Oh my, he said and his eyes grew large and round. Your house burned. Oh my. Mr Frog was always saying oh my. He said oh my about everything. Oh my, he said again There is almost nothing left. Miss Mouse faced with the the complete realization that her house was gone started crying. Large fat tears dropped from her tiny mouse eyes.
What will I do she cried. What will I do. Mr. Frog tried to comfort her. There, there he said, it will be okay. I will get all the forest friends together.
In a little while Miss Mouse saw Tommie Turtle and Horace Mouse come along the path to what used to be her house. They both comforted her. We will help you they said.
The next day her three friends, Mr. Frog, Mr. Turtle and Mr. Mouse went on a long trip through the woods gathering all their friends. All the small animals had a meeting and decided what to do. They went to the peoples town dump and looked all around. Then Bill Mole found a wonderful old Tea Pot. It wasn't new but it could be cleaned up and they all pitched in and cleaned it up. Bill Mole scrubbed and scrubbed it. Soon it looked shiny and new. Mr. Turtle was working on the inside and soon had it spotless. When they finished they all stood back and looked at this Tea Pot. It was a very large pot. she will love it they all said and they rigged up a wagon with several of the friends pulling it with old shoelaces. Through the woods they went. Bumpity, bumpity bump, went the cart. Soon they arrived at Miss Mouses burned log.
To be cont.


  1. So glad to read some more of your story - thank you!! Will wait patiently for the next installment : ) I do see the 1/4 scale Petite Maison in your Etsy shop but thought I read on the blog that you would be adding it in 1/2 scale as well? Do you still plan to do that?

  2. I love the story and I can relate to Ms Mouse. When our house burned, many friends and neighbors came to help us. sSome gave us a place to stay for a few days and another neighbor cooked dinner for us the evening our house burnt. Still others gave us cloths nd even furnished a house we rented. It was an amazing outpouring of love. I will never forget their kindness.