Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Miracles do happen !!

Hi Everyone.
I am very happy. I got my wish. I am now in my little house. It is just four rooms and is perfect for me. I am busily making curtains and decorating it. It is an old house and dated but I don't care. I will work with what I have which isn't much. I still had a few things from my house that I had to sell when I got cancer and went to live with my son. Now I am on my own again. I thank God and I know that He gave me my wish.
Here are some pictures of the house when I first moved in. It is much more of a home now and I will post some more pictures soon. Don't expect too much as I am working with little money and I need everything. LOL. I have four plates and a handful of eating utensils. A set of pots from my previous house and a few towels. My daughter in law gave me some things that she had been saving for me from my previous house and a few pieces of my old furniture that were in storage. A friend gave me a used sofa that I never would have picked if I had my choice but now I really like it. God does provide through your friends and family. Always have faith and never give up your dreams. About eight years ago I was told that I had less than a year to live and here I am still and now cancer free.
Never give up.