Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New project, The Sink

I thought you might like to see the new project again with better photos. In the pictures below you can see the progress I am making.

This is the first prototype. I wasn't satisfied with it so I started designing again.

After redesigning several times I was happy with everything. So I printed out the graphics that you see above and glued them to their respective cards and card boards and cut them out.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I am working on two new projects

Hi all, I have been working on two new projects.
The first is the unnamed shabby chic project. There is a picture of this below.
The second is the newest piece of furniture. There is a picture of this too. Can you tell what it is? LOL Not yet.

I am sorry that the picture is so blurred. This piece will have printed cloth to go with it.
Want to guess?
I am back to work. I want to finish the Freeby too. I am hoping that more people will join my Blog.
Take care Barbara

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Tiny Printie

Hi, Here is a tiny Printie for you.

You could print the cover to a fine fabric and coat with white glue. I haven't tried this but I am sure it would work and that it would feel like leather. A Bible would be nice for any dollhouse. These would also be good for a swap.
Have a good day.

New Project

Hello, Another day.....I am working on my new project and am at a standstill. I am not quite sure where I want to go. I am thinking Shabby Chic and a Victorian Cottage. I need some help in naming it.
I thought The Sugar Shack but beyond the name I can't think how to do it.  I would love it if you would help me.  First the style of the house. Anything you would like to make.A Fairy Cottage, Victorian, Barn like, Modern, Shabby Chic, Farm house, or anything that you picture.
And  the name..... I need names for Houses, like Abode, Dwelling, Cottage, Farmhouse, any that you can think of.

I am putting up a diagram of how my Printie items are made.This is more for houses but it also applies to other items.

It's not hard.
Please don't forget. I need your opinions. Also I need to know what scale you prefer.

1", 1/2"or 1/4".
Thanks so much for your help.
I am working on the Freeby now also. It will be a surprise.
Sincerely Barbara Del Duco and Thanks for reading my Blog. 
Dollhouses and Mini items made from cardboard.
 Hi To Everyone,

   How have you been and how was your day. My day was busy but I also had fun. I cleaned my craft space. That is what it is, just a space but I am glad to have it. I took some pictures of it. Before and after. I'm not sure it looks too much different but it makes me feel better. When I start on a new project I like to start with everything organized. It doesn't last long but it helps in the beginning.

I wish I had more space to work in but I can manage. My computer is over to the right. I have started on the new project, so far still named The Sugar Shack. It may change as I go along. I have to stop myself every so often as I keep adding to the size and complexity of the project. I can get carried away on small details. I have been working in half scale for these new projects and have found it difficult to get them the right size. I am used to working in one inch scale all my life.

I have been thinking of new ways to make my Printies. I am going to include Paper Clay and Fimo this time. There are so many things you can make combining card stock and clay. As I think of them I write them down. I would love to here of all your projects. Send me some pictures and I will put them up on this Blog. Just email them to

I am also going to start work on a little Printie freeby for everyone. I also promised some people from my Printies Yahoo group a freeby. I haven't forgotten. I have a Yahoo group that has never seemed to catch on. I try every so often but no one writes in.
Also I am selling my Printies on 
Dollhouses and Mini items made from cardboard.

 Thanks to all.
Barbara Del Duco