Thursday, August 2, 2012

 Hi To Everyone,

   How have you been and how was your day. My day was busy but I also had fun. I cleaned my craft space. That is what it is, just a space but I am glad to have it. I took some pictures of it. Before and after. I'm not sure it looks too much different but it makes me feel better. When I start on a new project I like to start with everything organized. It doesn't last long but it helps in the beginning.

I wish I had more space to work in but I can manage. My computer is over to the right. I have started on the new project, so far still named The Sugar Shack. It may change as I go along. I have to stop myself every so often as I keep adding to the size and complexity of the project. I can get carried away on small details. I have been working in half scale for these new projects and have found it difficult to get them the right size. I am used to working in one inch scale all my life.

I have been thinking of new ways to make my Printies. I am going to include Paper Clay and Fimo this time. There are so many things you can make combining card stock and clay. As I think of them I write them down. I would love to here of all your projects. Send me some pictures and I will put them up on this Blog. Just email them to

I am also going to start work on a little Printie freeby for everyone. I also promised some people from my Printies Yahoo group a freeby. I haven't forgotten. I have a Yahoo group that has never seemed to catch on. I try every so often but no one writes in.
Also I am selling my Printies on 
Dollhouses and Mini items made from cardboard.

 Thanks to all.
Barbara Del Duco

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