Friday, September 27, 2013

The Lighted Christmas House, A Christmas Decoration

 I have just finished The Lighted Christmas House. This is not a dollhouse. It is a Christmas decoration that can be lighted by lifting the roof and putting in flame less votive candles or led lights.
It is a Vintage design and is unusual. Easy to make, you just print out and glue parts to cereal box or other cardboard of you choice and cut out and assemble. You decorate it with lace and trims that you probably have if you are a crafter. You can put your own designs on it and make it your own.
You can see it here.

The Travel Trunk Free

Now for the Travel Trunk.
I am giving away my Travel Trunk. I made this a while ago and just updated it.
This is 1" scale. The drawers open and close. You can put tiny clothes in them and even leave a bit of lace hanging out for eye appeal. I think that you will enjoy putting this together. I include several different wallpaper patterns so that if you want to you can use a different pattern to decorate the trunk. The curtain is printed onto fabric. The trunk is made to look vintage and would have probably been used in the 1800s. Just think how you can change this to make it your own. When I design things I love the fact that people can put their own spin on it.
You can download this Printie for free here

You can print it out from the .pdf file that opens up when you click the link.

To see the new houses: La Petite Maison and The Lighted Christmas House,
click here.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The New House, La Petite Maison

Hello, this is my first post in a while. I have been very busy making La Petite Maison, It is a little mansion. It is Shabby Chic in style. You may decorate it however you want. The Shabby Chic Cottage has been going through changes but it is still in the works and almost finished. 
This new house is Quarter Scale for all you people who love that scale. It will also be released in Half Scale soon.
I am very happy with it. It is simple to make and easy to put together. Here is a picture of it, finished.
 The Chandelier is not included but I will have a Tiny Tutorial of it for sale soon. Easy to make from wire and beads and led lights. Yes, it really lights!!
 Here are some other pictures of La Petite Maison.

 The front door can be made any way you like. It can be two doors, or one larger door. You can put any design you want on the front of it.  I designed it to be simple but you can make any changes that you want. You can cut and make clear plastic windows with or without crosspieces.
 The rugs are just printed card stock here. You can print them to fabric, print to transfer paper and transfer to felt or another rug like fabric or use your imagination and download some prints from the web for you own style rugs.
 I like people to use their imagination so you can make it into a fairy house, or a Witches house, anything you want it to be. I am working on a Fairy Castle and a Witches House to come out soon.
Can't you just imagine a little bed upstairs. Perhaps a screen dividing the room with a tiny bathroom on one side. A little wardrobe. Oh, and you can dress the bed in pink organdy and lace. Tiny curtains, a small table and chairs downstairs with a tiny kitchen with a stove and sink. You can light this with led lights and in the instructions I tell you where you can buy them if you want to.
You can find it at
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