Friday, September 27, 2013

The Travel Trunk Free

Now for the Travel Trunk.
I am giving away my Travel Trunk. I made this a while ago and just updated it.
This is 1" scale. The drawers open and close. You can put tiny clothes in them and even leave a bit of lace hanging out for eye appeal. I think that you will enjoy putting this together. I include several different wallpaper patterns so that if you want to you can use a different pattern to decorate the trunk. The curtain is printed onto fabric. The trunk is made to look vintage and would have probably been used in the 1800s. Just think how you can change this to make it your own. When I design things I love the fact that people can put their own spin on it.
You can download this Printie for free here

You can print it out from the .pdf file that opens up when you click the link.

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  1. I love this trunk but there is a lot of black to print. I want to make this but plan to use my own scrapbook paper instead of printing all the black background parts. It is beautiful and such great creativity.