Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A one inch scale Mini Dress free for you.

I don't have a picture of the dress as I haven't made up the new design. I only have the picture of the old one that was taken back in the days of old with a Poloroid camera. Since then I am on my third digital camera and what a difference there is in the photos.

This is the hanger. You can trace it right from the screen onto tracing or thin paper. If you have any problems let me know and I will post a link for it.
You can download the new design here.



I apologize for not getting to this last night. I actually had the file done and was so tired I fell asleep at 7:30. It is raining today and I love rainy days. I guess I just feel grateful that I have a warm, dry room to be in. Now that I sold my house five years ago, I live with my son and his wife. They are very good to me. I have a small room and all my things are in it. My computers and printer and all my craft things. Well, most of them anyway. A good bit of them are still in a storage unit. Luckily I just got my winter clothes yesterday. It is getting a bit colder and I will need them. I don't know where I will put them but there is always a way to organize things. I hope!!!! LOL
The tide is high on the island now. The bay is just a hundred yards away. Lately I haven't been able to walk that far. I went to the little grocery store a few days ago with my oxygen and hardly made it back. Before I came here and this allergy I could walk quite a ways. I used to walk all over the flea market that I went to when I lived in VA. I am now on Smith Island MD.
I am hoping now that it is cool, to be able to walk more. Now I shall take a break and "listen" to the rain. Actually I haven't heard the rain in many years as I am quite deaf even with a hearing aid. I can imagine it though. The last song I ever heard was about ten or more years ago and it was with earphones. Elton John's, Goodbye Norma Jean. I still can hear voices on Skype with very sensitive earphones. Not well but somewhat. These are  just my everyday thoughts and I don't suppose anyone is interested in them but I guess I just feel like writing.
Please always remember that there are so many, people out there that are so much more unfortunate than we are. I can still make my minis. I can still see the rain. I can watch TV and Netflix because there is close captioning. Until there were close captions I couldn't "hear" the TV at all. There are blessings everywhere. You just have to look for them.  I will close now and "listen to the rain".
Barbara Del Duco

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