Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Update on Shabby Chic Furniture in Quarter Scale and How to make your own boxes.

 Hi to all, La Petite Maison pictured filled with The Shabby Chic Furniture in Quarter Scale.
How small these pieces are but they are designed to go together perfectly. They are easy to make even though they are small. If you haven't tried Quarter Scale yet, you should. The houses take up so much less room so you can have as many as you like.

 On the right is a picture of all the furniture that you get in the one file. A whole house full of furniture. I am especially proud of designing the Sofa. You can see a picture of the instructions for the sofa below.
All the instructions are very clear and have photographs of the piece. Most are so easy to put together that all that is needed is a picture of the finished piece. The Sofa is a bit more complicated but the photos make it very easy to make.

There will be a surprise in the next online issue of
AIM Magazine. Don't forget to look for it.

This is a picture of the screen that is for the bedroom.

A picture of the furniture as I was designing it on my computer.
This is a picture of the Quarter scale furniture in progress. Many changes were made before it was finished. I  printed this out many times and assembled the pieces and then went  back to the drawing board to make changes. I printed the pages out and cut them out many times, assemble them and perhaps on the fifth try  if I am lucky everything works right and looks good. I was finally satisfied with everything that the pieces were perfect and fit together just right. Than I did photographs and put the file up for sale on my Etsy store.

Pretty Boxes

Another thing I am working on to sell on my site are Printies Gift
Boxes. You just print them out and assemble them.
If you want to make them yourself and you have a graphics program. You can!
Just do a search for "box templates". There are tons of them on the web. You can use them if you are just doing them for personal use. If you intend to sell them you have to make sure they are your own design or different enough to make them you own. The graphics you can download by going to a site like
A wonderful place for everything. Do a search on Pinterest for Printable graphics and specify the kind that you want. For example, Christmas graphics. Wow!! You won't believe what you can find and download. Watch out for copyrighted material. Most of them you can use if it is just for personal use and to give to friends as gifts.
There are many shapes and sizes to choose from and many flower shapes, paper bows. You will be amazed.

This one is my favorite.

The graphics on my examples are purchased on
I make a collage of different pictures assembled in back and on top of each other.
I wanted something that looked vintage.

They are sort of Victorian Shabby Chic.
If you love vintage and everyone does these days go to
for free graphics. I love this site. If you haven't tried it yet. You will be amazingly surprised.

Goodby for now and have fun with graphics. If you want more information on graphic programs or working with graphics you can write in the comments and I will answer you. Don't forget your email address.
Hopefully I will get out today and get some photos so I can show you my island as promised.

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