Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Enchanted Cottage- Make your own Dollhouse

Hi All, I have been making Printies for about ten years. I LOVE to do this. Printies are printable graphics that you print out, usually on card stock and glue to different kind of card boards, foam core board, mat board or just use the card stock.
After they are glued and cut out, they are assembled into dollhouses, and items for dollhouses.

Some of you may already know of my Half Scale Miss Mouse Tea Pot House. I have been selling it on my Etsy Store for a while now.
The Garden Shed is another of my Printies. It is One Inch Scale and would look so great in the yard of your One Inch Scale Dollhouse.

If you want to find out more on how I make my Dollhouse Printies.
The Enchanted Cottage took me a year and a half to design and finish. It looks like it is very hard to make but it isn't at all. It takes a long time to design and make these houses because everything must be tried and tested to make sure that every piece fits perfectly and the pieces go together easily.
All this work make it easy for you to cut it out and put it together. You just print out and glue to different mediums, most of which you already might have in your craft supplies. Then you cut the pieces out, (I do this while I am watching TV.) Assemble, and you have a beautiful Half Scale Dollhouse.
 See below for pictures of how it is put together.

The back roof of the house can be glued down but if you want to put lights in it, leave it so it opens. With the purchase of some LED lights, you can put lights in your cottage. You can see the inserts at the top of the second floor. They make small roofs at the peak of the roof. That is where the batteries and wires will be. Lights can come down from the ceiling.
The chimney can hold more wires and there can be beams on the bottom floor ceiling to hold the wires and lights.  If I can find time I would like to make a kit to do this.

In this illustration you can see how the printed pieces of the walls floors and roof are laid out and glued to foam core board. You cut the pieces out with an e-xacto knife. You will be surprised at how sturdy the foam core board is. All the printed pieces are sprayed with acrylic spray so they are water resistant and have a pretty tough surface.

Here you can see how to decorate the cut out pieces. Each piece is illustrated to show how to do this. You will be using card stock and balsa wood strips. The wallpaper is already there, unless you want to change it. You can print out some free dollhouse wallpaper from the web and glue it on top of the print that is already there.
The stucco is a secret but I will tell you that it is Easy Easy Easy. LOL

Cut out and assemble the other pieces. Shown below is the dormer. Quite easy to make.

For more information on how to make my Printie Dollhouses.
 I hope to have my article on May on my Island soon.
Take care and be good to each other.

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