Monday, May 26, 2014

A tour of My Island - Smith Island MD.

What a beautiful day it is here on the island. Smith Island MD. is not well known but is very alive in culture and tradition.

What a history there is here. It is not a fancy island like Nantucket or those other touristy islands. It is real and it is wonderfully interesting. There are very nice houses and there are abandoned houses. Many Photographers and Artists come here to take pictures and to paint. The wild life and the birds are incredible. Most of the people here make their living by crabbing for the Blue Crab that the island is famous for. In the winter they go for oysters. It isn't an easy life but it is a peaceful one.
Our house is the one with the blue roof.

Most of the islanders, except for a few people like my son who have retired here, are water men and are related back to when the island was settled in the sixteen hundreds. There are true legends of Pirates that would come ashore and plunder the towns.

This is an excerpt from a Smith Island Community Profile,

"Smith Island was first charted by Captain John Smith, and was named Russell Isles, after
the doctor on Smith’s boat (Smith 1624). The islands were first settled in 1657, and were
renamed for Captain Henry Smith, who was granted 1,000 acres here in 1679 (Scheller 2000).
The island was first used for grazing livestock."

The island has a colorful history but is known mostly for it's old fashioned way of living. All of the people here are, kind, helpful, and wonderful people.

An islander riding a bicycle. Most of the people use Golf Carts and some have cars.

I went for a walk but most of the pictures I took are just in my neighborhood. There are much more interesting places on the island and I hope to get some more pictures soon. We do have tourists that come here in the summer. Most are fascinated by the history of the island and most visit our two restaurants for our famous Crab Cakes and the Smith Island Cake which is many layers with frosting between each layer. It is the official desert of Maryland. People also visit our museum.
We have Bed and Breakfast Inns in many places on the island.

Our next door neighbors house. Wonderful people. Brenda brings me the most delicious dinners when my son and daughter in law are away visiting the family.
More pictures of the houses here. There are so many Roses here. Most of them bloom all summer. It is such a pretty place and is just so natural. Our restaurant, Rukes Crab Shack is a real place that has been here since the 1950s. It isn't fancy but it has real things in it. Old pictures, vintage pieces and chairs that don't match. This isn't Red Lobster d├ęcor. This is the real thing. I will get a picture of both restaurants soon. Our newer restaurant is a beautiful place. Lot's of room, a gift shop, a large deck where you can eat, if you desire and a wonderful view of the bay. You can watch the boats come in and out. In fact if you come here you will come over on a large boat that will deliver you right to the deck of The Bayside Inn.

More of our neighbors houses.

The Fishing Boats.

A Golf Cart. I must learn how to drive one soon. It is very easy.

Looking down our street toward the Church and the restaurants.
That is our tour for today. I hope that you have enjoyed it. Tomorrow I will have more on my work on The Fairy Cottage and The Paper Pirate Ship.
Take care, Barbara

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