Saturday, May 3, 2014

New Frebee for May. The Little Village Houses

New Freebee: The Little Village Houses                                              I love The Graphics Fairy site. See below.


Hi all. It is finally Spring. The Tulips are up and are bright and beautiful in the gardens. Everywhere people are out sprucing up their property. Mowing lawns, cleaning out flowerbeds and sowing seeds.
How wonderful and how lucky we are that spring always comes. The winter goes away and the warmth comes back.
To honor spring and May I have a new Printie to give to you.

Please read this for help with making these houses.
The Little Village Houses. 

These houses are for decorating and measure 5 1/4" tall and 5 1/2" long. This is a group of four different versions of a cottage. One is a very simple house with cutout windows and an old paper texture on the house with a sepia flowered print on the roof. Another is a house with siding and a shingled roof. There is a house that is derelict and hand painted to make it look old and almost haunted. This one could be a Witches House or a Haunted House. One is a textured house with regular windows.
I think you will like these houses. They are not dollhouses. They are purely for decoration although so many of you are so inventive that you will make them into something more by  enlarging them and printing them to cardstock and gluing to mat board. They are approximately two thirds the size of Quarter Scale. In other words enlarge them another third  (33%)  and they should be Quarter Scale.
I have designed them to be printed to card stock and glued to poster board but again, use your inventiveness.  Score and fold in the usual places and you will have a cute little house.There is a special very easy way to make the gable on the roof. Just fold out the sides of the gables and glue on the top. I just came up with this as I was working. I think it is cool.
Please enjoy these tiny houses as much as  I enjoyed making them for you.

I am going to make this house in Quarter Scale for sale on my Etsy site.
I think it will make a cute Quarter Scale Dollhouse.

I would absolutely LOVE it if you would visit my Paper Craft site and leave a comment or a Thank  You in my Guest Book, Please !!!!!,  but you don't have to. I will still love you all and thank you so much for visiting and reading this. I love to make things and I love to give them away.

PS: I am working on another model. A front facing house with gables on the sides. I hope to put this one up as a Freebee also. It will be another decorative model that I will make into a Quarter Scale Dollhouse. I have been experimenting with a much simpler way to make these little Quarter Scale Houses.
Also I am working on a Quarter Scale and a Half Scale Fairy or Witches Castle for my Paper Crafts Store that will be Spectacular. It will have a stone turret and circular stairs, a secret room and I hope a basement.  This one will take more time to make and will involve paper clay and textures. There will be two models with different graphics. One will be A Fairy Castle and the other A Witches Castle. I an working on hand painted graphics, purchasing, and searching Graphics Fairy (see below) for the graphics for them now. Any help with graphics would be great. Now I am  thinking of making a new Mouse House model with it. A Mouse House Castle. I am getting carried away. LOL
I can't believe how much I LOVE to do this! All of you know what I mean.

Please Note:
Some of the graphics used on these houses are from  This is a wonderful place to download free graphics. I just love this site. If you like Vintage. This is your place to go.

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