Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How La Petite Maison, The Quarter Scale House is made.

How La Petite Maison, The Little House is made
La Petite Maison  The Little House
Hi,  Good morning.
How to make print out and put together the little Quarter Scale Dollhouse. La Petite Maison.
This is La Petite Maison a Quarter Scale Dollhouse.

I thought I would put up a demonstration of how the little quarter scale house is made. It is made much the same way as my other houses are made.

1. First you would download the file from my Etsy shop. Most of the houses in my shop are instant download. Just purchase and download the file and you are set to go.

2. Print out the pages that are in the .pdf  file to card stock.. The .pdf file will open in Adobe Acrobat. Most of you already have that program.

3. Spray the prints with Acrylic spray. You don't have to do this but it will preserve the ink and the paper so that your house should last a long time.

4. Cut around the general area of the pieces from the pages that will be glued to foam core board. Each graphic is labeled to tell you what type of cardboard or foam board that piece should be glued to.  The floor, sides and roof are glued to foam core and then cut out.

After the basic house pieces are glued to the foam core board and cut out they are assembled. It is very easy and there are photographs to help you see just how it is done.


The basic pieces glued together with white craft glue.
the red arrows show you how to place the pieces.

The shell is now ready to put the wallpaper and the out side siding on.

Now print out the wallpaper and siding pieces and cut out. Cut out the windows and door too.
I do this while I watch my favorite program on TV. Score on the fold lines and fold.

Now start putting the wallpaper on the inside. The instructions tell you which pieces go first.
Use a glue stick or white craft glue to do this.

The pieces go on easily and are folded around to the outside. Each piece fits perfectly. Glue on the floor.

Here you can see the arrows pointing to where the wallpaper folds over to the back. It is all very neat and easy to do.


 This is the front piece of siding wallpaper. The outside window frames are cut out and glued onto the windows. You will do the same with the inside before you finish. If you want you can make window panes by attaching cut strips of adhesive labels and sticking them to clear plastic, then gluing the frames to the inside. Or you might prefer to put the panes on the outside under the frames.

Next the side panels are done. The gable decoration is done in 3 dimension. It uses layers of card and cardboard to build up a decoration for the sides of the gables.

Here are the gables finished. Don't they look great? Now you can glue the outside wallpaper siding to the shell.
The roof pieces are printed out on card stock, glued to foam core board and cut out. They will be covered  with graphics on both sides.

The shingles. The shingle are easy. They just look hard. They are cut out in strips and slit with a scissors on the lines between the shingles. (See arrows.)

The roof pieces with the hinge glued on. The roof can now just sit on the house and be removed to place furniture or glued down. I left mine loose so that I could put up my little chandelier.

Here is the roof all shingled and ready to place on the house. there will be a piece across the peak to cover the white area.

Here is our "little baby" all ready for the furniture.
My houses are all made this same way.
Some are more detailed and will take longer to make. I really wanted them to be easy to make. The time it takes depends on the amount of detail.


Tomorrow----- May on Smith Island.
I will finally get outside and take some pictures.
It really is beautiful here. A very simple life. Good folks and lots of old fashioned getting together and fun events. We just had a Birthday party for one of our islanders 90th birthday. She is a beautiful women and still goes everywhere. Her name is Iris.
I will tell you more tomorrow. I hope you have been enlightened by my house demonstration and tutorial.
Till tomorrow, Barbara

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