Thursday, August 7, 2014

Two great Paper Model Sites and my New Pirate Ship. Pirates of The Chesapeake Bay.

Hello All

I love Paper Models as you can tell. Here is a new one on one of my favorite sites.

A great little Paper Bird to make. Rob Ives who owns this site makes the most interesting Paper Models and they MOVE. this is a new free one but you can buy them if you want. Kids love them.

Also Below, some great  Paper Models here.

 A Monster Control Center

                                              A Castle

A Rocket Gun

If you have never made things from paper and cardboard, now is the time to try it. These are great projects to make with your children.

Aren't these great models. I don't know either person. I hope they don't mind me putting these up. Believe it or not these are FREE.
I wish they were my creations. Oh well, I am still trying to make more things.

This is one of my new creations. It is a Paper Pirate Ship.

This was made especially for the gift shop on our island. I am selling it there. It hangs from the ceiling like a mobile. If any of you would be interested in a pattern to make it. I can put the pattern up for sale on my Etsy shop. You can write it in the comments. This one is made for our island. We have a history of Pirates here. So I made it a Pirates of the Chesapeake Bay Ship. The decoupage is made from printed facts of the Pirates that roamed the Chesapeake Bay. On the back of the sales is an ancient map print of the Bay.  This one is One Of A Kind.
I am now working on an Angel Ship for our Pastor now. I have so many ideas.

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