Monday, August 11, 2014

Do these projects with The Pendant Roller

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Roll these rolled paper circles on the Pendant Rollerpaper roses made from magazineshandmade beads - paper and thread

Good Morning,

Today I want to tell you about these Pendant Roller Projects that are pictured from Pinterest that can be made with The Pendant Roller, a little machine that rolls scrap paper strips into paper rolls that can be made into many beautiful works of Art.
Pendant Roller
Pendant Roller
With this Paper Rolling Machine you can make an incredible number of beautiful Art projects and Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings,Rolled Paper Flowers and many other things.
Here are some more examples:A Tutorial on How to roll a Paper rose on the Pendant Roller.

Find Free Templates for Rolled Paper Flowers here.
A Template for rolling Paper Roses on The Pendant Roller. Beautiful Roses made from Paper. Visit my site and sign my guest book and request more Free Paper Rose Templates. Many different prints available for the Roses.

This is a paper Rose that I rolled on The Pendant Roller. The Pendant Roller is pictured on this page. Barbara Del DucoRoses like these can be made on The Pendant Roller.
A Pendant roller tutorial on how to make Paper Pendants on The Pendant Roller.

The Paper Bead Roller

paper bead
A  Tutorial on how to use The Paper Bead Roller. So easy to roll Paper Beads with this amazing little "machine". (See The Paper Bead Roller on this board.A necklace made with Paper BeadsThe Paper Bead Rolling Machine comes with Instructions, Templates, four Roller Pins and a handy holder for the Roller Pins.
You can find The Paper Bead roller here.

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