Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Easter Printies in Half Scale

Hi, I have done The Easter Printies in Half Scale today for all the Mini People with Half Scale Doll Houses.
If anyone is daring enough to want these in Quarter Scale just put a request in comments.
Happy Easter every one: Easter Printies for your doll house

Go here to download them

I made these a long time ago when I first started making Printies. This picture was taken with a Polaroid camera. Does anyone remember those. Not a good picture.
They are a bit cute and I would love to make some new ones when I get the time but I thought you might enjoy them. These are in Half inch scale

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  1. Those are cute! Thanks for stopping by the blog (and the ego boost ha!) Appreciate it. I guess I'll have to make some Easter stuff now (even if I'm far from done. Can't resist!) :)