Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Easter House Freebee-- Coming soon.

Good Morning All of my Friends.  Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Hi all, Just very quickly I wanted to give you a preview of the new Freebee coming up for Easter for all of you. I am working as fast as I can and most of the night to do this. I hope to have it up in two days or sooner. I thought that I would just do a quick project but the designing is taking some time. It will be quick for you to do. It will have a base and some stand up characters. You can also put other things on the base. It will make a nice Easter display.
Here are some pictures of it in progress. Please don't mind my messy work area. I think creativity makes a mess. LOL     PS: I think the window frames would look better in a light cream color. Also what color for the roof shingles? The base? Any other ideas while I am still working on it?
http://papercrafts.homestead.com/papercrafts.html          Look for the new Easy Paper Pendant and Cylinder Bead Roller!!

This is in progress. It will have a roof and shingles and a base, etc.
That's why it is taking so much time. I can't stop adding.

Thanks Friends for looking!


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