Monday, March 24, 2014

Machine Embroidery Designs by Barbara Del Duco

Machine Embroidery

I  love making Machine Embroidery Designs. I sell them online. These are Post Cards that are embroidered. The fronts and backs are embroidered separately and then glued together. They are standard Postcard size and can be mailed. You can write your message on the postcard with a permanent marker. These are inspired by the art work of a great artist of the Art Deco era. Mucha. I love his work. The Post cards are not up for sale yet.

This Machine Embroider Design is for a little girl. It is nice, I think, because it can be used when visiting or during a car journey or really anytime that the little girl might need some amusing. Especially when away from home as it is portable.  
                              The Miss Puff Purse and Kitty Cat Doll
It is a purse with a Kitty Cat Cloth Doll and her clothes and accessories.

I also love Crazy Quilts and decided to design Crazy Quilt Squares that could be made in the hoop with Machine Embroidery.
The Victorian Crazy Quilt Squares. ( I also have The Blue Bird Crazy Quilt Squares and The original Crazy Quilt Squares.)

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 Thanks so much for looking.

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