Thursday, October 18, 2012

broken wrist

just to let you know. i have broken wrist in four places.i fell. type with one hand. i am still working on getting the sink up for sale. it is hard with one hand. finishing instructions with no caps. lol  had to have surgery to put in a titanium plate to hold bone pieces together. stitches come out in a week then they can put a permanent cast on it.  i am working on moving my fingers again so i can use left hand to hold projects to work on.

never give up. you can do it.
i had another idea, printies for paper beads. they are so pretty.

back to work.

i was thinking of making one of these in 1/2" scale. what do you think



  1. Barbara, you remind me of when I shattered my wrist into pieces. I was doing cross stitch then, hadn't discovered adult miniatures. It was my left wrist and I am left handed. I was determined to get that thumb and finger grip going so I could hold a piece of fabric in my left hand - and made myself stitch with my right hand! Very slow and laborious but I was going mad not doing anything :-) We just can't help ourselves, can we? Take care, and get better soon!
    Those washers would be a challenge in half inch scale but would be wonderful.

  2. o dear me...i have done that ,too! wishing you all the best with recovery, much much strength...and may the pain go away!!! it needs time....but as you say, there is no giving up!!! :) all the best from Greece, Anne

  3. Sending healing wishes your way for your wrist, it looks so sore!!

    I bought a kit for a washing machine like those in your photo but the original is in dutch and the translation is jinglish, doesn't make any sense at all. I was so disappointed....

  4. Oh my goodness that hand and wrist look horrible! I do hope you heal quickly and are no longer in pain. That has got to hurt something awful! you poor thing! I just found your blog and look forward to having a peek around! Heal quickly!

  5. Oh yes! I've put off buying one as I wasn't sure it was the right size. this would be interesting to make! Please do!

  6. And... how about a monitor top refrigerator in half scale? With a door that opens?:)

  7. And... how about a monitor top refrigerator in half scale? With a door that opens?:)