Friday, July 6, 2012

Being happy!

 A beautiful day.

Today I spent searching the web for inspiration for my new project. I found some great things. Now, the hardest thing is you can't use these ideas. You have to just be inspired by them. I started designing the new house  this morning. This one is going to be different. I am going to be using more materials such as Fimo, possibly some other mediums.
I have a possible name for this house.   The Sugar Shack. It will be like a kit but the materials will be printed out.
I want to thank the people who joined my Blog. Thank you so much. I am still trying to figure out how to set this up and get the grass to go away. I took a look at your Blogs and I have to say you all do beautiful work in miniature. I also admire the way you have set up your Blogs. So pretty. Beats mine all to pieces. lol
I am going to try to fit in a new freeby for all of you. I bought some beautiful graphics today and I think I will use them on it.
 I have been making doll houses since I was four. I used shoe boxes and Paper Dolls. Later I made doll houses out of cardboard boxes and pieces of cardboard. I guess I am doing pretty much the same thing now.  For a while I as sick but I prayed and God listened to me. I am still here and the Mouse House is finished and I have even finished the Cottage and I am about to start another project. I have watched my twin grandsons grow to be eight years old.
I am happy. So happy. I want to make my little houses and sell them on Etsy. I want to do this Blog and talk to people, meet people and make little freebys for them. I love to work on my computer. I hope I can put some tutorials up on my Blog.

I hope I can make people happy.
Goodnight all you wonderful mini people.
Take care, Barbara

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