Wednesday, August 12, 2015

So busy working.

Hi, I have been working on a bunch of new items for my Etsy store.
I have a new Printable Fairy House and a Sewing Kit Match Box. I love both of them. I am also working on two new Paper Doll Match Boxes and Halloween Match Boxes.
Here is a picture of The Sewing Kit Match Box. all you add are buttons, thread, a thimble, and a tiny pair of scissors. The rest is Printable. A 4.5" x 4.5" square of felt makes the pin cushion.
This is the new Fairy Cottage. Really easy to make, believe it or not. The paper mache base is four layers of corrugated card board from a cardboard box. Just cut the layers and glue together. Cover this base with inkjet paper and paper towels, paint with craft paints and viola. Go outside and collect some twigs. Punch some little holes put the twigs in, add some moss and the Printable Butterflies and flowers. You can put a battery operated votive candle inside and the light shows through the windows. The directions have many pictures so it is easy to follow them. There is even a sign to welcome the Fairies.
Keep looking here on my Blog for new Halloween Match Boxes. These new style boxes are made from card stock. They come with .svg files so you can cut them by hand or with your cutting machine. Very easy to make. Cut them and then assemble them in a minute. Great for Trick or Treat and parties.
Have a great day. Barbara

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  1. Thank you for these gifts!! The flower background on your blog is beautiful. I can't wait to build the sewing box so I can let myself buy the fairy box :)