Friday, February 28, 2014

New Tiny Quarter Scale Furniture.

Hi everyone.

 I am just finishing the Quarter Scale Furniture  Shabby Chic Style for La Petite Maison or any Quarter Scale Dollhouse. I am quite happy with the finished furniture. It took me quite a while to do it. I had to keep revising it but now it is perfect and easy to make.
To be coming soon on my Etsy shop.

 If you have ever wanted a Dollhouse, this is the one to build. So small it will fit anywhere. The dollhouse, La Petite Maison is very easy to build. Just print it out to card stock and glue the pieces to 1/8" foam core board. Cut out the pieces and glue together. The shingles are printed out and cut out in strips. The wallpaper is glued to the basic form when assembled and couldn't be easier.
I know you and your little girl will love it. Printies for the windows in it will be coming soon. You can find it now at my Etsy shop.

                                                              La Petite Maison
                                                                  A view of the bedroom.

                                                             A side view of Sofa and Chair.

 I have also been working on The New Pendant Roller. This is a totally new invention. It allows you to make beautiful Paper Pendants and other jewelry. You will be amazed at the pictures of the Pendants I have made with it. It will go on sale in a few days on my Etsy shop.

This Pendant Roller will come with three different rollers. I will have a finished picture soon.

The new Pendant roller

 All These beautiful Pendants and Beads were made on the Pendant Roller
This pendant was made from rolled different colors of card stock strips. The outer edge is a wider strip and the inside part was covered in Mod Podge. The outer strip and the curl for the chain or ribbon is covered with a press-on foil. Very easy to do.
Many different pendants can be made this way.
This pendant is made from ribbed ribbon that is folded in half and glued, Then rolled on the Pendant Roller and shaped into and oval afterward. It is glued at the end of the roll and a cardboard oval is glued to the bottom. The cardboard oval is about a quarter of an inch larger than the pendant. Pearls are then glued around the pendant. A paper bead is put on the top of the string after the string is attached. A pearl button is glued into the center. A a bitty bow and isn't it charming.

I love this pendant. It is made from silver flecked cord bought in the craft department. The cord is rolled on a circle of cardboard and glued down as it is rolled. A circle of rhinestone chain is glued around it and a pretty butterfly decorates the front.

This is a canvas book with the cover decorated with pretty things made with the Pendant Roller.  On this cover you can see the beautiful paper roses you can roll with the Pendant Roller. Very easy to do. There will be directions and templates for doing these. There are two different kinds of roses. I am sure that you will find so many things to make with this machine.

This paper bag book cover is made like we used to make them for our school books. If you are of a certain age you will remember these or perhaps they are still done.
I decorated it with Pendants and Roses rolled with the Pendant Roller. A bit of lace and old ribbon, a vintage picture, a strip of corrugated cardboard rolled, a bit of rolled wire, and a paper doily. I think it is lovely.

This can be a cover for a journal. A few vintage pictures, some lace, a Cylinder Paper Bead with some ribbon hanging from it, and pretty things rolled on the Pendant Roller.
In the instructions I tell you of an online site where you can buy these pretty additions of lace, pictures and ribbons. I am just a customer. This is where I buy my little decorations. They have wonderful things.

A closeup of a rolled Rose with a velvet leaf by it.

This could be a book cover or and album cover or just a picture with a frame around it.
Pendants are made from card stock and heavy twine.
This pretty pink pendant is simply made of yarn crocheted into a  chain and rolled on the Pendant Roller. It has a trim of fancy ribbon around it and a coating of Mod Podge. The ribbon roses add a nice touch. Paper beads hold the ribbon together on the top.

This pendant is made from a vintage graphic glued to 1/8" foam core board or thin card board and surrounded with Cylinder Beads made from card stock on the Cylinder Roller and Long Paper Bead Roller part of the Pendant Roller. Pearls are glued in the corners. I think this would be really pretty if worn with a white dress.

A 3D card made with rolled paper Roses, Paper Beads and Paper Pendants. Even the crocheted gold chain is curled on the Pendant Roller.
The top Rose is the simple version. 

Also to follow soon is the Pandora Bead Roller. With this little invention you can roll the popular Pandora like beads from paper. I will put up pictures soon. There are silver plated grommets that you can buy on Etsy to insert in each bead side. They fit the Pandora snake bracelet. I recommend the Hallmark Stainless Steel Pandora bracelet found online at Walmart. Very nice and stainless doesn't tarnish.
You can see that I have been very busy. I love doing it. As all you crafters know, it is a labor of love.
Yours sincerely Barbara

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